“Thanks for all your hard work on the website/Facebook/Instagram and with all the lists, giveaways, etc. You are my go-to and I can’t imagine the amount of time and energy it takes to do what you do so that (clearly) half-there moms like me don’t have to. I truly and honestly appreciate it. You are awesome.”–Stephanie T.

“I appreciate all that you do to keep our family engaged and entertained!”–Nicole F.

“Thanks for all the giveaways you post and listing the fun things to do in the area! If we need something do with our girls I always look to your site! Very informational and helpful.”–Jodi J.

“I have been a member of Our-Kids for a long time and I love it! I check the site every Thursday/Friday as we are getting ready to plan our weekend. When I hear about an event in DC from other sources, I go to Our-Kids.com to get more details and sure enough it is posted there. You guys don’t miss a thing. Congratulations for having such great enterprise!”–Carmen C.

“I just want to let you know that I just renewed for another year. I LOVE your newsletter and all the work you do to provide us with the activities going on around the region. It’s basically THE source of info I use to plan our kid’s activities. And because of your newsletter, we just found the amazing Goldfish Swim School of Reston. Our girls love it and we were looking for a place like this for the longest time. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I appreciate all you do!”–Naomi K.

“For anyone who has moved into the area, Our Kids honestly saved my sanity. I have been a member for 2 years now, but when we moved to Arlington from Baltimore it really helped me to navigate my way around children’s classes, different activities for my kids, parks, and the weekly digest helped me to schedule different activities for my nanny to take the kids to. I still am surprised by the number of events that I would never know about unless I kept receiving the emails. In any case – the membership is priceless and definitely worth every penny! Plus there are tons of discounts and giveaways every week. Just my opinion but I am really grateful I am a member.”–Bisma B.

“Thank you for the reminder to renew my subscription. I am very thankful for all that you do to compile information for everyone in my family to enjoy. Sometimes we travel somewhere local and other times we venture out to enjoy a fantastic event that was recommended or highlighted on your website. You have made so many enjoyable weekend days for me and my family and we’re so glad you continue your hard work!”–Colleen M.

“Thanks! The one thing that I really like about the giveaways is that the giveaways have helped me try new things that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.”–Danielle W.

“I love how you’ve kept Our Kids relevant for the six years that I’ve been a member. Even as my kids have grown, I’ve found Our Kids evolving along the way too.”–Joanne S.

“Thanks for all of your hard work keeping us up-to-date on local events through Our Kids. Your website is my go-to for things to do in the area. It’s great!!”–Vicki M

“My membership has more than paid for itself this year with prizes alone, and the price is totally worth the info anyway! I bought my kids tickets to Elephant and Piggy at the Kennedy Center because of your ad. I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.”–Deana M.

“I did indeed renew my membership, this time for two years. We try to get our kids out at least one day each weekend for an adventure and I always turn to your newsletter! I even have ideas on the backburner thanks to you. And I regularly get asked where I find all those cool things I do.”–Heather D.

“I wanted to say thank you for giving us the Breakfast with Santa tickets at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had a GREAT time! Our son (almost 2) was amazingly interested, and as I feared for a tantrum, he behaved very well and seemed to enjoy all the music, kids and Santa. So, thank you for a joyful morning and for your hard work in making these kind of activities happen.”–Tatsiana M.

“I use our kids so regularly and don’t know what I’d so without it! Easy to find things to entertain ages 2 to 8, which is what 4 kids range in age. You’re a lifesaver! Thanks for your hard work and happy to support OK.”–Rosemary M.

“I honestly don’t know what I’d have done when the kids were little without Our Kids – I scanned it daily to drum up ideas for the week! And now, even though they’re much older, in school all day, etc., I still check it out for new ideas and reviews. It’s an amazing resource and we’re so grateful for it!”–Stephanie O.

“I’m so excited about getting the newsletter. I feel like I’ll actually get out w/ my kids and enjoy activities rather than hearing about them after they’ve already happened!”–Dawn N.

“Our Kids has provided me and my daughter with resources and activities that I would have not been able to find otherwise. As a single mom I think it’s important to find fun, affordable and educational activities and with Our Kids by our side we have been doing that since 2010.”–Erica T.

“I subscribed to Our Kids when I decided to become a stay-at-home mom after nearly 20 years in the workforce. I wanted to get involved in the community, but it was so overwhelming checking individual websites and following up on ideas from friends and family for fun activities. The Our Kids weekly emails help me plan my activities and take advantage of discounts and promotions. Having four children ranging in ages from 9 to 2 months, Our Kids is the way to go to find local happenings that work for our family!”–Kirstin H.

“Your site and emails have been amazing and I appreciate all that you do. You have helped me find so many fun and inexpensive activities for my kids (my wife is always impressed at what I find). We were able to get some of the $1 Disney on Ice tickets because of you!! Thanks!! I recommend Our Kids to all of our parent friends and many of them have subscribed also.”–Jihoon S.

“Can I just say I LOVE OUR-KIDS! I used to be a Big Sister for at-risk youth and would search multiple publications to figure out what was going on. Now that I’m a mom, Our Kids helps me find interesting and fun activities, all in one place. Thank you for putting this together and making our lives easier. And more fun.”– Stephanie R.

“As a very recent Our Kids member, that I kick myself for not doing it sooner. I only have one problem- now I can’t find enough time in my week to do all of the awesome things you send us. I seriously don’t know why everyone hasn’t joined!”–Aline A.

“As a long time Our Kids member, I can say that between the prizes I have won and knowledge I have gained it has been worth every penny! Keep up the good work.”– Paula S.

“I like how the website meets all ages. I started with Our Kids when my oldest daughter was 3 and now she is 13. We can always find age-appropriate things to do for all my children. I have shared the website with many of my clients who attend my classes. Most people know me as Ms Karen. After I share the info. they tell me how much they have enjoyed using Our KIds and that you have opened a lot of new doors.”–Karen B.

“Thank you so much Amy. You make me and my family feel as if we are your only clients. I can’t say enough about your service and your customer service. You really make it easy to be in the words of my son and daughter, “The Best Parents in The Whole World”. “– Gregory F.

“I have to tell you, the kids love the benefit of this website. They were telling other kids about it while we were waiting on line at the last movie, which led to me telling the other moms – great advertising. Also I really like the ideas for things to do on the weekend – it helps me plan and always brings fresh ideas to the family with minimal research. And, as a working mom – that is a godsend! This weekend, we are hitting the “Please Touch Museum.” Thanks again for making this really helpful.”– Kristin C.

“Thank you so much for the Gnomeo & Juliet DVD! I was delighted when I opened the mailbox and saw the package! I just love you guys! I can’t imagine why anyone with children doesn’t subscribe to your service. Keep up the GREAT work!”– Donna H.

“Your website is wonderful! I love the calendar of activities every week. Keep up the good work. This “never wanna sit around the house kinda mommy” is personally very thankful.”- Vicky T.

“I have to tell you, the kids love the benefit of this website. They were telling other kids about it while we were waiting on line at the last movie, which led to me telling the other moms – great advertising. Also I really like the ideas for things to do on the weekend – it helps me plan and always brings fresh ideas to the family with minimal research. And, as a working mom – that is a godsend! This weekend, we are hitting the “Please Touch Museum.” Thanks again for making this really helpful.”– Kristin C.

“Thank you so much for the Romeo & Juliet DVD! I was delighted when I opened the mailbox and saw the package! I just love you guys! I can’t imagine why anyone with children doesn’t subscribe to your service. Keep up the GREAT work!”– Donna H.

“Your website is wonderful! I love the calendar of activities every week. Keep up the good work. This “never wanna sit around the house kinda mommy” is personally very thankful.”- Vicky T.

“The Our Kids member newsletter provides a quick, easily accessible, one-stop resource for finding local family activities. I don’t have to look in multiple places, and even better, there are often links to more event info. Until my friend told me about this newsletter, I felt overwhelmed with finding new activities for our family. Now I just have to browse the newsletter or the website and find everything I need. Wonderful time saver!”– Rae Ann J.

“Thank you for providing a truly wonderful service. It makes me grateful to be living in the DC Metro Area, and to have all of these fantastic events/activities available at the click of a mouse. I’ve recommended Our-Kids to many families in the area, and they have been equally pleased. Keep up the great work!! I don’t know what I’d do without you!”– Wendy B.

“I have to say that your newsletter and website are invaluable in bringing to attention of busy parents the many things happening around the area. Just a quick look at your weekly newsletter has led to me easily planning an activity or buying tickets for an event for my family which probably would not have happened considering the busy lives we live. People (including my husband) have asked me “how did you find out about that” and I tell them “from that weekly newsletter I get from Our Kids”. We booked the tickets to the Peter & the Wolf show at Kennedy center after seeing it on your newsletter. We can probably find these things in different places online but the best part is to have it all in one place.”– Daksha A.

“I have often thought of writing to you to thank you (and congratulate you) for the success of Our Kids – and all of the many days that it has helped to generate ideas for me and my family. Many people have good ideas – you had one and it has blossomed into something that many families enjoy.”– Eileen P.

“Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the newsletter in general, but the “Now Playing” section the most. It saves me hours of research (that I’d likely never do) to find interesting performances for my drama enthusiast. How else would I have known that there was a one-time performance of Henry and Mudge coming to Montgomery College?”– Jennifer G.

“By the way, I am very impressed by your wonderful members newsletter. You literally save me hours upon hours of time! Well worth the minuscule expense.”– DeLise B.

“We very much appreciate all the contests that you have and really enjoy the newsletter and your website. Keep up the great work in keeping us informed of the wonderful activities that we have available in our area.”– Josephine W.

“This is the BEST newsletter I have ever registered for. I can’t thank you enough for making it so easy to find fun and exciting things to do with our children. I work full time so finding the time to comb through the paper or go on line is difficult. Getting this newsletter brings me all the information (and more) right at my fingertips. Thank you, thank you”– Mary K.

“This is a FABULOUS website that Amy puts together. The best $26 you could spend, every weekend all you need to do is look on her site, and you’ll find a perfect activity for your kiddos.”– Trish H.

“I wanted to share what the exposure and the availability of information and activities of Our Kids has done for me to everyone! I’ve seen places I wasn’t even aware of and I’m a native Washingtonian. Experiencing life and exploring/enjoying my surroundings has been a huge part of my childhood and adult life and I’m so thankful I”m able to continue that for my son and because “busy life” doesn’t make it easy to research these events, Our Kids does and there we are enjoying the events and creating memories that I’ll treasure. I’d hate to look back and say we never did as much because I didn’t have the time or was too tired to research educational and fun stuff for my child. So for me and my family, Our Kids has fit perfectly in providing information to make my desires a memory.”– Donielle S.

“What I love about Our-Kids is how when you suddenly have a day and have to find something cool to do, well there’s always 10 to pick from! Sometimes I find myself with time thinking, gee what can I do this day, and I know really awesome stuff is just a few clicks away.”– Hildie B.

“I just wanted to say congratulations on the article in the Washington Post Magazine. It was very cool to see your picture with your girls and hear how you got started. I tell everyone about Our Kids and how great it is! Your services are great! Even if you didn’t have the pre-screenings and other giveaways, I’d love your newsletter because although I’m a native of Washington, DC, I know I wouldn’t know about all of the events if it weren’t for you! We have been many places (Bealeton Flying Circus, etc.) that we might not have gone if we hadn’t read about it in your newsletter! So thank you, thank you for such a great resource.– Mary E.

“I won this membership in the Rock-n-Tots raffle. When I logged on to find that it was a membership to a website, my first thought was, “people pay money to belong to a website, especially a website that just contains information that is open to the public anyway.” Well, I have to say that it hasn’t even been a week and I check your website more than my own e-mail! I love it! I have told everyone who comes within five feet of me about it. It should win a parents’ choice award.”– Deana K.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Our-Kids so much. We’re going to go see Go Dog Go! Next Monday. I never would have known about it without Our-Kids. I can’t thank you enough for this website.”– Heidi R.

“I’m so glad I found Our Kids on the Internet. It has been a wonderful resource. I plan our weekend adventures as soon as I receive the newsletter! Thanks for all of the time you put into ensuring that the parents of the DC metro have more fun with their children!!”– Nicole B.

“I love Our Kids! It is my activities bible!”– Kimberly L.

“I can”t believe anyone with kids wouldn”t want it, it is my bible! Just this week we”re going to the free Meet the Robinson’s, the egg hunt I found out about at Great Country farms, the circus and the play at Imagination Stage. I am non stop kids activities!”– Ari J.

“Because of your wonderful newsletter and the info on presale tickets, we enjoyed front row seats at Ringling Bros. Circus – they gave us VIP passes and invited us on to the floor during the circus for a special train ride. I continue to tell anyone who will listen about how great your newsletter is. Thanks so much for making it easier to find both simple and extraordinary things to do with my children. We are creating memories that will last a lifetime with your help.”– Kim E.

“I LOVE your newsletter – I have told so many people about it – I no longer scour the papers for things to do – I just wake up and depending on the weather and how much free time we have that day, I find something to do – it’s the best!!!”– Mona T.

“Yes, one of your subscribers referred me. I am so happy that she told me about this newsletter. I think that it is a fantastic idea, such a useful tool, and a godsend to any parent. Thank you so much for providing parents with such useful information in one source. I had given up on trying to find things to do in the Weekend section of the Post or on the Internet. Your newsletter makes planning outing and activities for my three children so much easier and much more enjoyable.”– Nichola T.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your newsletter … it’s such a great compilation and I am so happy to get it every Tuesday. I was moved to write because for 2 years I have received the sesame street presale codes and fanatically bought the moment they go on sale — your presale codes came out a day earlier and allowed us to get the coveted seats so hard to get if you miss an announcement — also delighted this month with your great fall festival coverage — with a one and 3+ yr old things are busy and we”re always looking for an adventure or outing — love (and appreciate) what your doing, Thanks!! “– Donna N.

“My family and I have attended many events from the newsletter and enjoyed the special time spent together. Without your newsletter we would have never known the events existed. Your newsletter is worth every penny, and I will continue to use it for many years to come as my child grows!”– Kathryn W.

“I just love the newsletter. Thanks so much for allowing me to be a working mom that actually knows what’s going on around town for kids.”– Kara S.

“FYI we love your newsletter! We tell everyone we meet about it!!! Being new to the area it has really opened up doors for us! We do picnic/park nights every Thursday evening off your list and now we are trying out the Great Wolf Lodge based on your waterpark reccomendations. Best $24 I ever spent!!!”– Laurie

“YES! I”d like to renew my subscription. It is by FAR the best $24 I spent this year. You provide a fabulous service and I”ve been delighted to recommend you to many friends.”– Deborah S.

“I’ve got to say that this is amazing! I have always tried to find fun activities for the family, but never have I seen so many wonderful options compiled in one place. What a fantastic service you are doing for families in the area! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!”– Josephine L.

“I would like to thank you and the staff for giving our family so many things to do and experience in our area. We have been lucky enough to get first tickets to many wonderful movies, Nanny McPhee was the best. Been to the fair in Maryland for free and a multitude of other events. This is the best site for local events that I have seen. I was also able to take advantage of the classifieds on your site and sold two complete bedroom sets and a breast pump within a weeks time. I appreciate all of your work. You guys are great!!”– Lysa B.

“It’s so exciting to see all that useful info all in one place instead of having to look for it all over! And the website is great, too! You”ve just transformed my daytime social life!”– Kathleen H.

“All my congratulations, you provide a great service with a wonderful touch!”– Florence C.

“As a new subscriber to Our Kids – I just wanted to let you know how great your newsletter is and how much your efforts are appreciated!

“I’ve gotten some great information in the short time I’ve received it and it is now invaluable. Keep up the great work!”– Jane G.

“I have been referring to your newsletter quite a bit, especially lately, to find good things to do with the kids. I have to tell you: THIS NEWSLETTER IS AWESOME! It has so much excellent information and is a great compilation of all things kid-friendly. Thank you so much for all the hard work you must put into this! I will definitely tell everyone who will listen about it.”– Marya M.

“I am an experienced, stay-home mother of 3. I scoffed at the price of your e-mail, and continued to rely on my folder of fliers from the libraries, Strathmore, etc. etc. WIth a month and a half of no camps for my kids this summer I finally broke down and subscribed. IT IS FABULOUS! It is such an amazing resource! I wish I had had it years ago! I just can’t get over how fast, easy and useful it is! I am checking it every day!”– Elizabeth Z.

“I’ve already been to the circus with my daughter and have made several other ticket purchases thanks to your information!”– Linda W.

“I love your newsletter and have recommended it to several moms I know. It is an especially useful tool to us working moms who want to do fun and educational things but don”t always have the time to read through all the various family magazines and publications. Thanks!”– Michelle C.

“Just had to pop you an email and let you know how much I continue to enjoy and value this newsletter!! You do such a great job with it, and I am doing things with my family that, without the newsletter, I wouldn”t! Keep up the GREAT job, and THANKS!!”– Sandy S.

“I must say that we have been thoroughly impressed with the content of the weekly newsletter. My wife stays home with our four year old son two days during the week (when he is not in daycare) and she uses your newsletter to plan activities for the two of them to do together in our area. We also regularly check the newsletter for weekend outings and day trips. I have passed along the information for your website and newsletter to countless colleagues at work and friends and family. So, I hope that you continue to offer this invaluable service for quite some time. Before subscribing to your newsletter, we always struggled with finding ideas for things to do in our area. Now, we have a difficult time picking which activities to do because there are so many options to choose from.”– Mike M.

“I wanted to drop a note to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. This week alone, we will have taken advantage of three events thanks to information provided by your newsletter and/or freebies provided to subscribers. On Wednesday, our family took advantage of free movie passes to see the new Pixar film Cars. These passes were for the DC premiere of the movie so not only did we gain free admittance but we were the first people to see the movie in the DC Metro area. Today, my 3 year old will be going with her nanny to see a puppet show at the Smithsonian. We found out about it while reading the weekly newsletter. Also, we have signed up for a Make Way for Ducklings activity for pre-schoolers at the US Postal Museum next week. While I receive other parenting publications and participate in parenting listservs, Our Kids is the only venue that I have found that summarizes activities in a very user friendly and all-inclusive format. I can open the newsletter and quickly spot activities that might be of use to my 5 year old and 3 year old. The free movie passes paid for my entire years subscription cost and then some. It is a must have for busy DC parents. Thanks for providing your service.”– Tania O.