Loudon County has a long and important agricultural heritage, and the new Loudon County Farm Museum documents it all through exhibits, photos, and oral histories. The museum takes on some of the down notes including slavery, sharecropping, war, and economic depression. The museum focuses on the three centuries from 1720 to 2020, you’ve got to wonder what there will be left in a few years. Visit the Farm Museum to see what is gone already. Science gets its due here too. Consider the story of Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation”, born 40 years ago on a Loudon farm. Elevation was named “Bull of the Century” by the Holstein International Association for his contribution to the dairy cattle industry. “With over eight million descendants, Elevation’s genes are represented in a significant percentage of the dairy cattle in the world today. Every person in the United States who drinks milk most likely has consumed a dairy product that was produced by a daughter, grand-daughter or distant relative of Elevation. Elevation’s genes are so prominent throughout dairy herds that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Bovine Genome Project for Dairy Cattle chose Elevation to represent the genetic sequence for the genus Bos.” Any county that can claim bull of the century is AOK in our book!”


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