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Harambee” is a morning jolt of inspiration for parents, caregivers and children.

Head over to the Maymont Nature Center for some indoor fun!

Head over to the Maymont Nature Center for some indoor fun.

Each week there will be a different activity, craft or music and movement for kids!

An educational and interactive journey for babies and children!

You are invited to the free three-day Kaypi Perú Festival at the National Museum of the American Indian. This event highlights the South American nation’s rich and diverse cultural heritage and traditional arts. Kaypi Perú,which means “This is Peru” in the indigenous language of Quechua, includes an art market, music and dance performances, hands-on activities for kids, a film screening, traditional plants, and Peruvian cuisine. The festival is presented in collaboration with the Embassy of Peru.

Ladybugs are beneficial insects—they help control aphids and act as a natural pesticide for plants in place of chemicals.

The heroes of Isao Takahata’s anime Pom Poko are the tanuki, the fabled shape-shifting Japanese raccoon dogs.

Join us for a week of biology, ecology, and in caring for our Earth.

An interactive engagement program for children and caregivers that uses play and exploration to develop pre-literacy skills.

Be a part of the DC region’s dynamic family festival celebrating our power to build a better future!