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Participants will learn about the chickens and their life on the farm, and help feed the chickens and see the inside of the coop.

Talk with an animal keeper who cares for the Zoo’s lions and tigers twice daily between the animal yards to the right of the carousel in Great Cats Circle.

Overview of the Zoo. 2 hour walking tour subject to volunteer availability.

An animal keeper will introduce you to one of the Zoo’s small mammals like an armadillo or naked mole-rat.

Thousands of fish species live in the Amazon River Basin. Meet some of them during this feeding in Amazonia.

Talk with one of the animal keepers who cares for the Zoo’s Andean bears.

Learn all about Asian elephants and how animal care staff work with these four-ton animals!

Alpacas, donkeys, and goats-Oh My! Keepers will introduce you to one of the many furry or feathered residents of the Farm.

Come to meet a keeper at the Reptile Discovery Center and learn about one fascinating species they care for.

Come hear what it takes to look after the Zoo’s pandas from one of our animal keepers.

Learn about studies being conducted with animals at the Zoo’s Think Tank exhibit, including orangutans, Allen’s swamp monkeys and Schmidt’s red-tailed monkeys.

Come and explore everything River Farm has to offer.

Meet a Zoo Nutritionist and find out what it takes to feed and care for Zoo animals from Ants to Elephants.

Let’s go outside and hike together to improve fitness, make new friends, and experience the great outdoors.

Enjoy four days of boating fun at Maryland’s longest-running boat show!

Hike with a naturalist at Riverbend Park to search for winter waterfowl along the Upper Potomac River.

This isn’t your average walk in the woods. Scamper like a squirrel, balance like a billy goat, and run like a rabbit through the park.

This is a single class of a 10 class session, parents and caregivers will have the chance to play, create and learn right alongside their little nature explorers.

This workshop at Hidden Pond Nature Center is based on the popular, long-running Pohick Ranger Series.