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This summer visitors can travel back millions of years as the Smithsonian’s National Zoo presents a “Dino Summer” featuring two dinosaur experiences of prehistoric proportions

MathSmart Tutors believe in providing the best tutors to bring students to their highest academic potential.

Mad Science® is on a mission to spark the imagination and curiosity of children by providing them with fun, interactive and educational programs that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects their world.

Did you ever want to build a mini-catapult or a paper airplane?

Learn something new while having fun – what more can you ask?!

This spellbinding event introduces children to the principles of air and pressure.

Join us for moon-themed activities before watching, “The Day We Landed on the Moon.”

Join Archaeology in the Community (AITC) for the 8th Annual Day of Archaeology Festival at Dumbarton House!

Join us for a week long introduction to the maker movement!

Llook at the documentation and preservation of historic ships found on Alexandria’s waterfront.

Come together to produce an uplifting and inspirational experience.

So sit back and let the laser show do the work!

Learn about the science of water through hands-on exploration & experimentation.

“Water/Ways” explores the endless motion of the water cycle, water’s effect on landscape, settlement and migration, and its impact.

Learn more about traditional soapmaking and make your own signature bar.