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Activities for children and families incorporate traditional science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with art, museum, and creativity.

Children learn about science, technology, engineering, and math through stories, songs, and activities. Ages 5-8 with adult.

Come to the makerspace and bring your kids to make projects such as electronic circuits, Arduino fun projects, soldering, paper craft, 3D print, 2D/3D carve your design using a ShopBot.

Join us in the Makerspace to explore a new skill or technology. For adults and teens.

Your little scientist will explore a kid-friendly hands-on activity that sparks curiosity and scientific creativity.

Explore math and science concepts with hands-on activities. For Grades K-5.

Come check out the brand new Science Lab and participate in fun experiments. Or, get help with science classes including Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Join us in the Makerspace to explore a new skill or technology. For Grades 4-6.

Join us in the Makerspace to play with experiments and create fun projects together. For Grades 3-6.

Arduino fun projects: You are welcome to choose from 18 arduino projects to do at the makerspace or come to discuss your ideas with others for short or long-term projects.

This program is designed for preschoolers ages 2-5 and their engaged adult.

Join us Sunday afternoon for the second of our 2019 Soup and Science series.

Create something each month using sample technology and gadgets from the Makerspace. For Grades K-2.

Dive into STEAM based activities designed to build cultural awareness and critical thinking skills and promote collaboration through creative play.

Local astronomy educator Dr. Joel Goodman discusses our solar system and beyond with fun and engaging activities. Explore a different astronomy theme each month.

Home School families are invited to investigate the science behind electromagnets with hands on experiments and projects!

Includes Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Drop-in STEM Lab for middle and high school students to work on projects and get extra help with classes from HiTech instructors, or work on one of the many cool lab activities.

Learn a new skill or technology each week. For teens & adults. Is this your event? Contact us about featuring it on this site or in our newsletter!

Join us for a different theme each month as we ask questions, build experiments and get messy.

What is the best substance to melt an ice block?