La Lumiere DuBois VII, a compelling collection of fine art photographs by Michael DuBois, highlights his love of nature. View the exhibit during the entire month of December at RCC Hunters Woods. Michael has had solo exhibitions at Huntley Meadows Visitors Center in Alexandria, VA, the Atlas Performing Arts Center, the H Street Gallery and the SOVA Gallery in Washington, D.C. His work has been featured in the permanent exhibition at Huntley Meadows and Inova Fairfax Hospital. His work was  also featured onstage at the Kennedy Center in the world premiere of “The Marionette Effect.” Additionally, his work has been published in the Washington Post and in the book Torn Apart by Judy Rickard. “As a photographer I try to capture the transient interplay between light and nature,” Michael says. “A simple change of perspective, such as light passing through an object rather than bouncing directly to the eye, often creates magical moments when we bother to look. I am also driven to try to magnify the beauty that is easily missed as we rush past those Lilliputian wonders.”  When Michael is not photographing nature, he earns his living telling a story in pictures using ultrasound.

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