Ecuadane Blanket

In all honesty, it would be possible to write a review for the Ecuadane in one word: yummy. No, seriously, that’s what both my wife and I thought when we pulled this blanket out of its packaging. The pictures on this post can’t possibly convey the feel and texture of the Ecuadane with any justice: it’s rich, silky and you immediately find yourself wanting to wrap yourself up for a snuggle.

The colors of the blanket are beautiful and fit perfectly with the southwestern theme of our rooms. While the Ecuadane company encourages blanket owners to use it for essentially any purpose – picnics, camping, watching movies – I can’t see myself ever taking this out of the house! But, if we do, I’m heartened that the blanket can be easily cleaned and doesn’t require dry cleaning.

We also appreciated that the blanket was made in Ecuador, and contains significant portion of recycled materials. We will definitely look forward to keeping warm in the winter with our Ecuadane!

For more information visit the official Ecuadane website.

Photos courtesy of the Graber Ladek family.