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Get up and get moving at storytime! These 20-30 minute programs are full of a diverse collection of books, songs and fun activities.

Drop in for an open session of LEGO play on Fridays. Elementary age with an adult. We will provide the LEGOs and space, you provide the imagination. Free! No registration necessary. This program is made possible through the generous support of the Friends of the Library, Chevy Chase Chapter.

Enjoy energetic and interactive introduction to Kwanzaa with Harambee, Baba Ras D.

Enjoy a variety of activities including fitness, nutrition, dynamic play, & creative arts!

Why waste your Winter break hibernating at home, when you can enjoy fun games and trips with friends?

Participants will learn about the chickens and their life on the farm, and help feed the chickens and see the inside of the coop.

American Indian images, names, and stories infuse American history and contemporary life.

Construction of the Inka Road stands as one of the monumental engineering achievements in history.

From a young age, most Americans learn about the Founding Fathers, but are told very little about equally important and influential Native diplomats and leaders of Indian Nations. T

Our Universes focuses on indigenous cosmologies—worldviews and philosophies related to the creation and order of the universe—and the spiritual relationship between humankind and the natural world.

An exhibition from the National Museum of African American History and Culture,

This display explores the ways medicine was applied on the battlefield as well as highlighting important wartime advances in medical science.

This display is one of the special cases that highlight anniversaries, views into the collections, and research findings.

The display features 16 posters from the early 20th century including a World War I poster and posters from Mather and Co. and the Parker-Holladay Co.

The exhibition explores this history through the Executive Order 9066 document on loan from the National Archives; original artwork by Roger Shimomura, who spent several years in the Minidoka Camp in Idaho; historic images; and objects.

View the American Revolution through a global lens in The American Revolution: A World War, which examines the 1781 victory at Yorktown and the Franco-American partnership that made it possible.

Journey though the history of the United States to learn how transportation changed American lives and landscapes. See behind-the-scenes stories about collecting and preparing objects for the exhibition.

America’s national treasures come to life in this compelling exhibition that examines the bold experiment to create a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

The exhibition’s companion website gives visitors the opportunity to experience all of the objects and stories featured in American Enterprise.